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How To Get Pictures on to your Cell

Firstly, this will not be a indebt solution manual for everyone, this will just guide you to the right direction, you must do most of the research your self to get this to work.
Here are some of the methods, one can try to get pictures on to their cell phones:

Data Transfer Cable

A data transfer cable connects from your computer to your cellphone and as you may have guessed it, the data is used to transfer pictures back and fourth.
Now...You can either purchase the company manufactured cables for $70, or "after-market" cables for a lot less, say $5.
I personally have used both of them and to tell you the truth there is NO difference what so ever, both work perfectly fine, and one saves you $65.
The thing most people forget after getting this cable is the 'software' you need some sort of software or drivers to be able to transfer the files back and fourth.
This you must research yourself, usually all the information is provided to you on the companies site (Motorola.net/Nokia.net, etc) for motorola's one can use: Motorola Phone Tools or (MPT)

To sum it up: The initial cost of this may be a bit higher then others but it ends up paying for itself, plus you can download games and ringtones with this too afterwards. Not to mention the quality and everything remains the same.

BlueTooth / Internet

You may use the bluetooth capabilities on your phone to download the files directly from the internet or your computer. Check to see if your phone has this, most of the newer, high-end phones have this. Secondly, alot of the phones are capable of going on the internet also (beware: the prices are usually very high) and to download a picture using this way may cost you around $0.03 by kilobyte or approximately $0.60 or more per picture.

Final Words: Bluetooth = good, Internet = may cost you alot.

Email / MMS

We provide this mailing service, most providers give you a address so that any mail sent to it arrives to your cellphone directly. For example, if your cell number is 14169448021, many providers provide you with the ability to email: 14169448021@fido.ca for example, which would go straight to your cellphone. MMS cost around $0.30 to send and recieve with most providers, decent option but there may be size constraints.

Final words: Decent, fast and reliable solution but may cost a lot in the long run.


I am sure most of you have tried this, and I don't have to write in debt about this, this invovles simply taking the camera on your phone (if you have one) and taking a picture of it straight from the screen, beware of monitors flicker rate ;)

Ending words: ghetto.

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