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Free Cell Phone Mobile Dating
(Text Message & Phone Dating)


Find hot girls using new technology that finds a girl/guy closest to where you are. Fill in your email and you are set to go.

Some of the girls, we have found using this free dating / hooking-up service:

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, “Mobile dating is the next big leap in online socializing. Experts believe the rise in mobile dating is due to the growing popularity of online dating. Analysts said "People are comfortable with online dating, and it's generally been accepted, the comfort people have with online dating is now translating to the mobile world."

Sign Up Via E-Mail Confirmation
No credit card is required, only your email is required in which instructions will be sent to you.  There is No billing of any kind

Meet Girls Like These:


What the User's have said:
"I was headed to the bar in downtown Detroit and I just remembered that I had signed up for mobile dating for fun. I quickly grabbed my phone and checked out everyone that was in the downtown area today through a list and decided to randomly message one girl that seemed pretty interesting, we exchange locations and soon decide to meet up. I met her near one of my favorite clubs, we went inside and danced all night and then my house.
I honestly don't see why only 3.6 million users out of our nations population of over 300 million are on this service. Its like dating on the go, and it works, I have used this phone dating service numerous times quite successfully. P.S. my advise for first message is just hey, what's up." - Jake

Upload Pictures of your date (make sure you have permission)


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